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Robero72 request story - Two Werefriends
It was early evening, and in a lone house sat two friends watching television together. One was a young man named Roderick, and his best friend sitting beside him is Akio. As they watched the show playing on the screen, Roderick took a glance at the clock, and saw it getting late.
"Uh oh. Uuuh, Akio?" he said with alarm.
"Hmm? Yeah, bro?"
"What day is it today? Because it's getting kinda late."
The larger man put a hand to his chin in thought.
"Uuuh...I think it's...Oh, it's a full moon night."
As if on cue, the moonlight began shining down on the house, streaming into the windows. Roderick stood up and check, and there he saw it. Full moon. Akio came up behind him to see for himself, and that's when it started.
"Oh boy..." they both said.
The two of them could feel their bodies tingling. A look showed the fur begin growing in, covering their bodies, and changing their insides as they went. They could feel their muscles bulging out, growing and swelling along with their transformation.
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Night of the Werecreatures
It was going to be a beautifully lit night tonight. So few clouds in the sky, everyone was settling down, it will be peaceful in this town as usual. Well...Not exactly, anyway.
Josef was watching some television to pass the time. It was getting late, as night was rolling around by now. He yawned a bit and stretched. A young man living alone in his single story home tends to get bored staying indoors. As he clicked the tube off, he blinked as he looked up at the clock. His eyes went wide when he saw how late it was...And he knew what night it was tonight.
"O-oh no..." he muttered.
It was already a good deal later than he thought! He ran towards his room, seeing the full moon rising and shining through it.
"Oh boy...Here it comes..."
Josef didn't know much about the details. All he knew was that he was cursed by something, and becomes part beast with every full moon. He gritted his teeth as he saw the changes begin to take form. Brown fur burst out of his skin in clumps, covering his bod
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Go Safari Ball!
"I think I've...Done it!"
Ryan smiled as he looked at the device he has created. It was a small device, which he could attach inside a spherical capsule, which could transform a living creature into energy, and store it inside the capsule it is currently attached to.
"A real...Life...Pokeball!" he declared!
Ryan is a young man who lived with a successful roommate. Dan works at a mall as a clerk, and gained nearly half a million in stocks. But he still chooses to live with his roommate Ryan in their single-story bachelor pad. Mostly because he prefers this lifestyle, and also because he likes being with his friend. Ryan, though, works at a robotics manufacturing factory as an inspector. He actually had a remarkable gift with mechanical parts at a young age, and worked hard to hone this skill to the present day. Another fascination of his was games and anime, namely Pokemon. As a child, he would pray up to Arceus to one day experience more than what the real world could offer him. It was
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Gumi Rin Kagamine - 1 2 Fanclub
Kobe, Chuuouku Ward, Motomachi District. (By the station!)
Starting now, another exciting "Ni hao Hanyu" lecture class.
To everyone, students young and old, what do you say? (Konnichiwa!)
No no! Here in class, you greet with Ni hao!
Everyone, turn your textbooks to page 3. (Already there!)
Anyway, here I'll overcome my shyness and my shame!
The tuition fee happens to be 13,000 yen. (That's not cheap!)
"Haohao dajia!" "Gokigen ikaga?"
"An old mother," or "an old mare?" (Ma ma!)
"Where exactly am I? And who are you?" (Ni shi shui ah~)
All so that my beloved Wang Leehom...
I can say to you that "I love you!"
Yeah! Yeah! China! It's a dreamy state of mind!
We are the 1 2 fanclub!
Soon, I'll be able to use the same words as you, isn't that right?
"Wo ai ni" is what I'll say to you!
The young girl that I got to know in class. (Mika-chan!)
She just said- (In Taiwan, there's gonna be a Jay Chou concert!)
Then I said that I just had to go to that! (By the way...)
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The Mouse King
Matt smiled as he knocked on the door of his friend's house. It was almost immediately answered by his good friend Jonas.
"Heya Matt! Ready to hang out on our sleepover?"
"Yeah! But I can't help thinking we're getting a little old for sleepovers."
"Don't be ridiculous! We'll turn legal next year, we've still got time! Come in!"
Matt rolled his eyes as he entered the house.
"My parents are out for the weekend on a business trip, and they've finally let me stay alone to 'learn responsibility' and stuff, so we've got the house to ourselves." Jonas explained.
"Really? Cool!"
As the two relaxed on the couch, they watched TV while making comments on the show, or just make small talk. Eventually, they headed to the kitchen when they got hungry, snacking on the stock of food Jonas had been buying in preparation for this night. Once that was done, they headed up to Jonas's room to play video games. After a few mind-numbing hours of punching each other virtually, Matt looked up at the clock and
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Dragon Blood
This was it. After reciting the incantation, the runes appeared before him and were now swirling around in a circle in front of him. The magic circle he drew in chalk on the stone floor was glowing red. A light seemed to rise up from it, taking form in the center of the circle, illuminating the otherwise dark room. The man smiled, his spellbook dropping onto the floor, forgotten.
"Who is the one that summoned me?"
A scaly body formed from the light, taking the shape of a dragon anthro. The dragon was large and muscular, with bulging rippling muscles from head to clawed toe. It's main color was a bright red, with the secondary being a deep blue color. The dragon growled as it stretched its body, getting the knots in his muscles out as it limbered up. Its head that was topped with a pair of yellow horns had a strong masculine face, which had a passive expression at the moment. The dragon, which stood at about seven feet, looked around before his eyes focused on his summoner, who smiled a
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Mew Slime
Greg looked around at the abandoned lab, flicking his flashlight's beam onto every piece of machinery this way and that. He had broken the door open, which actually didn't take so much to do considering how old and decrepid it was, and was ready to find something valuable in this place.
"I wonder what I'll end up finding in here..." he said out loud.
The teen walked inside, looking at the old decrepid things that were scattered along the walls, walking deeper into the old building. He looked at each broken machine in the first room, finding that none of them were usable in their state. Of course, it didn't matter. They were too big to haul back home by himself anyway.
"Let's see what's deeper in here."
The boy had walked into the room, which must've been the storage room, if the barely-readable label on the door was any clue. He looked around, seeing empty boxes and tubes and shelves of junk.
"What were they keeping in here?" he thought out loud.
He looked around the area, finding that
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Request Story - Rhino Blubber
Clyde stretched his body before sitting up from his sleeping bag. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes as he looked out at the morning light shining into his tent. Clyde was a normal-looking fellow, with a mat of black hair, and a thin body. Not to say he was malnourished or something, but he had a flat belly. He crawled out of his tent, and looked around. He was camping in a grassland, just a day's hike away from civilization.
"Aah, I have a feeling today is gonna be a great day!" he said.
As he looked around, he soon saw a greyish figure in the distance. Deciding to investigate, he walked closer. Of course, this could've been a terrible error in his judgement, as he is about to find out.
It wasn't until he got a good view when he realized the grey figure was actually a young rhino. But not only that, the rhino seemed to be lying on its side, as another figure was crouching over the animal. Clyde, curious of this scene, ran closer to get a better look. Once he got close, he saw that the
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Request story - Full Moon Hunk
Trevor waited for a response. Cassandra just looked at his flowers, as if assessing them. Then the blonde flipped her hair, placed an arm under her other arm, and just shook her head.
"Sorry Trevor, but I won't go out with you."
The poor guy dropped the bouquet as he looked at the girl of his dreams.
"W-what? But why?"
"Well, I'll be honest. I like a guy with more...Beef. But you? You're...Well, you're a noodle! I'm just not attracted to you. I'm sorry, but that's just how I am."
The human looked down at his arms, flexing them. The muscle didn't move very much.
"I-I'll head to a gym and work hard! Just wait for me, and I'll be the beefcake you deserve!"
"I'm really sorry Trevor, but...I just...Don't see you getting that big. I'm just...I'm sorry."
The girl left, leaving the guy falling onto his knees in the park. He breathed heavily as he felt tears sting his eyes. He pounded the ground in frustration, before getting up and walking away, leaving the flowers on the ground to wilt and di
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True Identity - Bat Burger
Josh just sighed as he covered his head with his blanket. The sun was so bright this morning, like every other morning. He always regrets staying up late at night, doing whatever, only to be woken up by the sun streaming in through the window. But, he never learns.
"Ugh. Why do I keep doing this to myself..." he moaned.
As he managed to get up and out of bed, he groggily gathered some clothes and headed to the bathroom for a quick shower.
He looked through the fridge to find some breakfast, but didn't see anything particularly pleasing. He already checked the cupboards and pantry, but nothing struck his fancy. He sighed as he gathered up his wallet and keys, and made it out the door. The moment he left the house, his nose was struck with a pleasing smell. He turned to the side, spotting someone grilling at the side of the street. Strange. It was early in the morning, so who could be up grilling something? He raised his eyebrows, unsure of what to make of it, but decided to head over th
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True Identity - Bandicoot Bananas
Chet was in front of the TV, controller in hand as he battled his way through a castle full of mutant enemies.
"Chet! What are you doing?"
"Just playing a video game, Chad!"
"Well, could you help me sort out the laundry?"
"In a minute!"
This was the typical exchange they had. Chet, the younger brother, would play video games every day to 'keep his reflexes strong and fast', while the older brother Chad worked part-time at a fastfood place and did half of the chores, with the other half left for Chet to do later. Note that Chet is 18, while Chad is 20, and they lived in the same house as roommates. It's only been about a few months since they both moved out of their parents' place, and they decided it would be a good idea to stick together. It was around the afternoon, and Chad was finishing up his half of the chores.
"Okay Chet, I'm done."
Chad appeared from the doorway, approaching his younger brother. He sat on the couch as he watched him play, seeing how focused he was on the curren
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True Identity - Crow Croissant
Everett was a young man who loved to draw. As an artist, he always filled his room with various sketches and colored drawings. He lived alone for the most part, trying to make a name in the world. His drawings contained various pictures of landscapes, which he enjoyed making. However, he did have a wish. He wanted to see these landscapes with his own eyes, and not through his imagination and through his drawings. As he sighed, he placed his pencil down and looked at the latest. It was the sun setting with clouds all around it. He placed the sketch in his portfolio before looking at the clock. 4:30 pm. Might as well go grab an early dinner or whatever. Standing up, he grabbed his wallet, the house keys, his phone, and headed out.
As he walked through the streets, he looked around. The fast food places were pretty cheap, but he disliked unhealthy food a bit. The proper restaurants were too expensive, so he can't eat at those either. He sighed as he kept walking, soon finding himself in t
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True Identity - Otter Water
Chris was running back home from work. It had started raining, and it was really pouring down! Chris was a young man in his early 20s. He had a mop of short brown hair, black eyes, and wore a half-drenched shirt and jeans. As he stopped at a stoplight, waiting for the passing cars to drive off, he saw a young boy standing on the other side of the street, looking at him.
"What's he doing all the way out here? He's gonna get sick standing in the rain like that! Not that I'm in a better position myself." he thought.
As the light turned green, he ran across the street, making his way to the child. As he stopped in front of him, he saw that he held a bag full of water bottles, and he held a wet cardboard sign, stating that he was selling water bottles for only 5 dollars.
"Hey kid, what are you doing standing around here? It's raining for crying out loud!" Chris said.
"Sorry sir, but I was out selling water bottles when it started raining. I was looking for some cover, when I saw you. So, I
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True Identity - Horse Apples
Carl was walking home from a day of shopping. He is a young man who recently moved out of his parents' home, and is now in his own home. Currently unemployed, he hadn't started looking for a job yet, but he's working on settling in to his new space. He stood 6 feet even, had short black hair, and wore a casual t-shirt and jeans. As he walked home, he soon saw a young child with a basket in her hand.
"Fresh apples for sale. Red and crisp. Care for an apple?" she called out.
Carl stopped in his tracks. He enjoyed apples quite a lot. It was his favorite fruit! As he looked at the young girl, she soon spotted him and smiled.
"Care for a juicy red apple, sir?"
Carl thought back to the groceries he had in his hand, and realized he didn't buy any fruits. It was mostly vegetables and meat, along with some toiletries.
"Sure, I'll buy some." he said.
"Great! I can sell you two for 10$."
"Wait, only two?" Carl asked.
"These apples are like no other, sir. Believe me, you will feel like a new man o
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Story of the Fused World
There was once a world that existed in the multiverse. This world was prosperous, with somewhat advanced technology, with a pinch of magic. Magitek was still a new, yet popular, study in this world. Not many people choose to study it, but it was studied nonetheless. At the capital of this world stood a huge laboratory, with a tower that reached up high into the sky. It was in this tower, where trouble was born. It all started when one day, a young teen gave a simple suggestion.
"What if we put the best qualities of a bunch of different animals into one thing?"
And it was with that suggestion when the project started. The scientists brought together every single animal in existence, extracted their best qualities, and implanted it all into a single being. It seemed promising at first, but after a week of incubation, the ultimate being split into seven pieces. This was the birth of a Family Group. The seven beings grew quickly, their bodies fully forming in only a month. Once fully forme
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Group War - Light vs Dark
"The only thing that truly lasts is the struggle between light and darkness. It is a battle that will last for eternity. Two sides, warring against each other. But what many people don't understand is that the reasons, the concepts behind the two sides change. In the end, neither are inherently good, or evil. They are but two sides with opposing ideals, fighting for supremacy. But it is a good thing they both exist. For how could one exist without the other?"
Light Wolfy was in the dining room, eating a porkchop in his lonesome. The others were elsewhere, doing their jobs keeping an eye on the Fused World.
"Haa...I wonder when they'll get back." Wolfy muttered to himself.
As he finished, red lights revealed themselves from the ceiling as an alarm sounded. Wolfy wiped his mouth before he ran out of the room and headed to the main computer room. Upon arrival, he looked at what triggered the alarm: a video link from the dark group.
"Great. What do they want now?"
Wolfy opened up the chann
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Yeah, If anyone is barely gonna read what I wrote out, or even pay attention at all...

Don't ask me for these things again.
Just felt like writing a story, since it's been a long while. Though I have an idea, and I'd like some input for what might be the more popular choice. Or interesting. Either one, really.

Basically, I just pick someone from two "choice pools" and think something up with them. And this is where it gets interesting. There's the more adventurous choice pool of picking someone in the SCP Foundation to write a story on. Pick an SCP you like, and maybe even an idea on what to do with them, and I'll write that story. And then there's the more safe choice pool of just picking one of my Confidants to write a story on. I've got a good number of them, after all, so why not?

Please leave a comment below, because I wanna see what you guys would pick to have me write something about.
Yeah, If anyone is barely gonna read what I wrote out, or even pay attention at all...

Don't ask me for these things again.


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Robero72 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
I have a little request can you please do a werewolf story about me and my friend Akio getting bitten and turning into werewolfs ones that grow muscle and howl at the full moon
worldjumper Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm, sounds interesting. Any more details regarding this request?
Robero72 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
*the story will take place at my house*
*when the moon rises me and akio begin to transform* and you can do the rest
worldjumper Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Okay then. Any info on the characters? Are they already werewolves or something? Possibly reference sheets? Their relation to each other and stuff?
(1 Reply)
Movie-Man Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2016
Do you take requests if I may ask?
worldjumper Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Sure! I don't mind hearing requests.
Movie-Man Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2016
Awesome. I was wondering if you could do a werewolf story with Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers).
worldjumper Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Hmm. Sorry, but I feel uncomfortable using copyrighted characters. Always that niggling fear of getting them wrong somehow, ya know? But it would sound rather interesting to mix a superhero with a werewolf.
Do you have any other requests?
(1 Reply)
ChlorinatedOrganss Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Yo, happy birthday! Have a good one!
Here's a Llama to celebrate! important part of life Llama brigade llama cancan important part of life 
worldjumper Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
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