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Yes, I'm fine. Perfectly fine. Just letting you all know, regular stories will be put on hold...


But I'm fine. Yes, I'm fine...
It was going to be a beautifully lit night tonight. So few clouds in the sky, everyone was settling down, it will be peaceful in this town as usual. Well...Not exactly, anyway.

Josef was watching some television to pass the time. It was getting late, as night was rolling around by now. He yawned a bit and stretched. A young man living alone in his single story home tends to get bored staying indoors. As he clicked the tube off, he blinked as he looked up at the clock. His eyes went wide when he saw how late it was...And he knew what night it was tonight.
"O-oh no..." he muttered.
It was already a good deal later than he thought! He ran towards his room, seeing the full moon rising and shining through it.
"Oh boy...Here it comes..."
Josef didn't know much about the details. All he knew was that he was cursed by something, and becomes part beast with every full moon. He gritted his teeth as he saw the changes begin to take form. Brown fur burst out of his skin in clumps, covering his body as sharp claws grew out of the tips of his fingers and toes. His ears pulled out longer, becoming pointed and fluffy, giving him enhanced hearing. His mouth pulled out forward, forming a snout that grew sharp fangs with his former teeth. His eyes grew sharper as they glowed with a strange yellow power, and a fluffy tail burst out from his pants. The finer details began to make their mark, his body's insides adjusting and rearranging as his feet snapped and became digitigrade. Josef howled up to the moon as he ran to the door and wrenched it open and burst out onto the lawn.

"Rrrgh...I hate it when I get so claustrophobic in my own house..." he muttered.
He looked up at the full moon, which glowed beautifully tonight. He sighed as he looked around...And his bestial eyes grew wide with shock. The neighbors were all outside, also transformed into half-animal creatures. There were tigers, lions, coyotes, jaguars, rabbits, ferrets...
"Wow." was all Josef could say.
Feeling a little nervous, he walked over to his best friend and neighbor Darrel, who was now a big ox.
"Uh, Darrel?" he said.
"Josef? That you, man?" Darrel answered back.
"Darrel, why is...Everyone here...Um, a were-animal?"
"Er, the proper term is therianthrope, or therian. But yeah, this is weird..."
Josef just looked at his friend with skepticism. He was gonna be a nerd right now?
"Maybe the central library can answer this for us. Come on." Darrel said.
Josef watched the strong dark-furred therian begin walking down the street. Josef merely shrugged as he followed after him, noticing that everyone else seemed to be calming down from the transformative surprise.

Everyone they met was a therian. Bears, beavers, deer, everyone had transformed. Once they got to the library, they met with the librarian, who was now a short guinea pig.
"Uh, can we...Use the library?" Darrel asked.
"Huh? Oh! Yeah, sure. We're, um, closing in a few hours though, so..." he said.
Darrel and Josef thanked the portly guy before heading towards the shelves of books. It took quite a bit of searching, maybe half an hour at least, until they found something about it. It was an old history book on the town.
"According to this, the town had made a deal with demons, and broke it. It was supposed to allow it to flourish beyond compare, but traveling monks...Monks?" Josef read.
"Or priests, or bishops...Whatever. They cleansed the town of the demons. They became enraged, and cursed all those who live or once lived in this place to become possessed by their inner spirit. Huh?" Darrel read.
"I guess...Animal spirit? It looks like the town was destroyed by their own citizens, and when settlers came to live in their place, they were also cursed by the demons. Um, anyone who comes to live here applies?" Josef said.
"Seems like it." Darrel concluded.
They closed the book and looked at each other.
"...Huh, I uh...So I'm a wolf inside." Josef said.
"And I'm a cow...Bull...Er, something. I never did get good grades in biology." Darrel said, rubbing his thick neck.
Night of the Werecreatures
Happy Halloween! Or close to it, anyway. Of course, what fun night would it be without some werecreatures? Anyway, how about we move to this town. It looks fun.
Yes, I'm fine. Perfectly fine. Just letting you all know, regular stories will be put on hold...


But I'm fine. Yes, I'm fine...


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